Tutorial 1 – Basic Hints

Crosshair placement

The player who learns to focus on headshots will almost certainly be the better in the long run.Placing your crosshair at the most likely spot where the head of an opponent will appear is one of the best way to improve your aiming. This is usually at the corner of a wall or obstacle.This minimizes the distance you need to move your mouse to hit your target and makes you appear a lot faster. This is crucial when you are peeking around corners, defending a specific angle or even while rushing. Just make it a standard practice to always aim at head level and adjusting for different distances.

Hold angles:

Where ever you are holding, try to hold with an angle instead of next to the wall. This will help you spot them before they spot you. (When they push you will see weapon/shadow before they can see you).

Always push (t side):

Do not waste 1 minute of a round holding a spot waiting for a ct to push. When you get a kill push it up, don’t wait back for the enemy team to rotate. Opening up the map, then waiting 30 sec for the CTs to get in position again, won’t help you a lot.

There are various guides on the internet, but in principle I would always suggest keeping your money above $2,000 in an eco round, in other words if you need to Eco, buy anything you can until you don’t drop under $2,000 – this will allow you to full-buy in the following round and give you an edge in an eco, potentially even allowing you to win the round on a full-eco!

Clutch Situations

Take a deep breath and remain calm. Remember that this is only a game and your opponents are under just as much pressure as you are, especially if you start taking them out. The odds are stacked against you and nobody can honestly blame you if you are unsuccessful. Keeping your position unknown can be incredibly useful, so don’t run about like a headless chicken straight off the bat. Keep an eye on the clock and use the time to your advantage. It is likely that you will be cornered once your position is compromised, so try to at least catch one opponent by surprise. To help this use any information gained in the round to try and work out where you think your opponents will be heading, catching people off guard during a rotate or on their own is a great start.

Get creative – If you are going for it with nothing to lose then try something unusual. If there was ever a time to try and fake a flash by throwing your pistol or attempt a jumping scout shot then this might be it. Of course this only applies in certain situations and shouldn’t be the go to option at every chance you get. If you do try something unusual it may just catch your opponents by surprise and provide you with the upper hand, along with an influx of style points. Be smart about this and use your own judgment to gauge what you think you can get away with.